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      And he tried, he honestly tried to keep his tongue from sharpening and the venom from dripping.

             ”No,” came the defeated,
           exhausted tone as he slumped ever so slightly.


                                           ”I would rather keep this to myself.”

Raising an eyebrow, he remained still for a while—

                  Before understanding the other would not speak of it.

"Fine with me, my friend."

                 A warm smile was given, a light shrug of the shoulders before he gave the other’s neck a light rub.

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                 He leaned into the touch and his eyes slipped close.
     He remained wound up like a tense coil, however. There was simply too much bubbling beneath his skin.


      “I know,” he replied evenly, “-but I cannot help it. Every word sinks in like a barb”

Licking his lips once, he looked to the side for a second, though his hands never left the other’s neck, lightly massaging the skin for a second.

                   “Sounds fair enough to me.”

   Glancing up with a faint smile, he studied the other’s face.

                                  “No chance to tell me of it, either?”

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        “Touched as I may be, I do not need your help in protecting my own pride.”

             “Of course, didn’t mean to offend you. You know this…”

He sighed,  closing his eyes for a second before resting a hand to the other’s hair, very lightly playing with the hair at the base of his neck.


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     “I’m afraid I am not the best company at the moment,” he said in a low tone.


                 Twirling his Hat once, he finally places it down on the table.

"I notice that, do tell. Who needs to have a good beating for getting you in this foul mood, hm?"

[ Open ]


     ”You seem to have missed the door you were looking for, I am accepting no visitors —”

                    An overly dramatic sigh escaped his lips.


                   ”Do you absolutely need my intelligence to balance out your stupidity?
         Or so help me I will fill your body with holes.”

            “Ooohhh… And here I thought I was welcome!”

A cheerful grin, a cheeky glint in his eyes.

"Shall I then take my leave once more, oh Loki, my tricky friend!"


Though Belle wasn’t an expert on elevators, she looked at all the buttons curiously. There were too many, and some in different colors - and Belle had no idea what some of these buttons were supposed to do.

After examining them for a minute, she found the button to close the door, and it slid closed with quite some noise, making Belle jump a little before she pushed the button to descend towards the caves. 
As the elevator set in motion, some more loud creaking noises could be heard and Belle looked around suspiciously, feeling a little uncomfortable. 
“For an elevator that has been checked, it makes quite a few unhealthy noises,” she remarked. 

Stirring for a second, the man glanced around the elevator, narrowing his eyes and slowly shaking his head. “No…” he commented, looking back to Belle. “I don’t think it’s supposed to make that noise… Are you certain Rumplestiltskin checked this thing?”

Giving a huff, he closed his eyes for a second before shrugging his nervousity down. It would do them no good.

"Nevertheless… It’s going down."


She smiled at his frown, so adorable even if he would hate to be called as such, so worried about having offended her with his speech about the other girls being too girly, especially now that she was clearly hiding because already upset… And he had came looking for her. That was worth the world for her. “You are making more sense than the usual…” she reassured him, her smile growing a little wider at his compliment. “Thank you.” 

What was he saying? She had nothing brilliant, she was crying over a guy that had left her almost ten years before, it was ridiculous and there was nothing wonderful in it. But he spoke with so much determination about how great she was, that he made her feel better, even just a little. “I think you are wrong… but thank you for saying it anyway,” she murmured, because there was only one man she was interested in, the same man she had worn that stupid dress and made her hair pretty for, the one that was now hugging her telling her that one day she’d find love. With someone else. Hardly. “I’ll never understand why you… and Grace too, have always been so nice to me… from the beginning. But I don’t know what I’d do without you, Jefferson.” She tried to smile, even with the tears that were still threatening to spill again. “You always make me happy.” 

She looked away at his question, for how much she could with his hands cupping her cheeks, “I think you already know the real story, actually. You hate him a little too much. I can tell. Everyone else thinks he simply broke up with him, apart from Grace. How much did she tell you?” 

"More sense even. Dear lord, i’m losing my touch!" he exclaimed, eyes wide as he stared down at her before finally winking once to show he was merely jesting with her. It was a relief to hear that he had helped her. One way or another. That was all he wished for, after all. To see the smile back upon her face. Dear Goddess, Jefferson… If you like her so much, why don’t you just kiss the girl and show her how much you love her? How hard can it possibly be?

Well… Harder than he thought…

"Wrong? You cannot possibly be serious, knowing me. I am never wrong!" he scolded her, pinching her nose once before giving a light smile. "I have been nice to you because I like you. You are… Like a brilliant sun, shining down and—" he cut himself off, clearing his throat and lowering his eyes for a second. "I mean… Right. I.. You always tend to make me happy too. You n eed to give me your secret to that." he spoke quickly, glancing back at her with a huge smile before frowning a bit. He had heard the story. Had he heard the correct story? Were there some things he had missed? Remaining silent for a long while, he finally settled his gaze upon her, lips curving up for a second. "Was I so obvious?" he finally spoke before folding his arms over his chest.

"She told me… Quite a lot. But I want to hear it from your point of view now, Em.." he finally spoke softly; giving her a look. "…. And I want you to know. He made the gravest mistake ever. By letting go of you."